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Dodgy Dan's

Hot-Dog Pub Franchise

The Hot Dog Pub By Dan

It’s not only beer, quality Aile and hot-dogs at Dodgy Dan’s… It’s home when you don’t want to be alone….

From the inception of the Dodgy Dan brand the creators wanted to craft a homey atmosphere where you could meet friends, hook up with your new (or old) love, see the sports you need, get the beer you urge for and stuff yourself with delicious hot-dogs.

Yeah and did we mention; The freakin Hot-Dogs are free!!

Key Elements


We can trace back the origins of many of the design features to the elegant saloon bars of the Victorian era in the late 19th and early 20th century, but to see where the contemporary Traditional classic Pub comes from, we need look no farther in history than twenty years ago. The contemporary Traditional classic Pub was actually conceived by the company who brewed Guinness stout, Guinness Brewing Worldwide, (now Diageo), and was the result of a robust piece of market research.


That timeless quality is something that other types of restaurants and bars can’t quite capture, this is a concept, which was hip and contemporary to its consumers in 1910 and remains equally relevant in our modern era of social engagement and connectivity today. Dodgy Dan’s mission is to recapture the ambiance, the atmosphere and enjoyment of familiarity and homely feeling.


From the inception of the Dodgy Dan brand the creators wanted to craft a homey athomosphere wihere you could meet friends, hook up with your new (or old) love, see the sports Dodgy Dan’s Is an emerging refreshing retro concept that brings you back to where you would like to be. Free, free to enjoy your spare time the way you want without interruptions and formalities. We do keep it simple although not stupid (we hope).

Authentic Pub's

Authentic Decor

The authentic exterior and interior design of the pub is paramount in ensuring success. Bad replicas, or poorly-executed design are a precursor for poor financial performance. Consumers want the real thing and understand when they were getting less.

Authentic Beverages

Offering premium import Traditional beers along with local crafts and microbrews is core to the success of the concept. However, great attention should be paid to having an extensive list of Traditional and Scotch whiskies along with a well-considered wine list, by bottle and glass.

Authentic Music

Doesn’t always have to be  Traditional music, but carefully choosing your playlists so that traditional Traditional music is regularly played along with other suitable music is very important. Dodgy Dan's will advise on such selection.



At this point in time we are an emerging franchise. Currently expanding into the world, and we are now searching for a bold Master franchisee's or partner's in Europe. Someone who knows a good thing when he or she sees it, someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, a tradesman’s skillset, good work-ethics and money to invest.

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To Succeed you need;

Key Employees

Where possible, employing experienced people in key positions, especially in the opening period, helps to promote an authentic pub culture. Having all employees understand the warmth, informality and conviviality of Traditional Pubs is critically important.

Engaged Ownership

Having management or ownership that was intimately engaged with the business on a day to day basis was vital. Absentee ownership always led to poor standards of operation and therefore poor financial performance.

Operational control

Have controls and processes in place that give you daily oversight into your business, insight into your guests and independent performance assessment.

Ready to find out more about Dodgy Dan's?

Drop us a line today and we will contact you.

What we offer our franchisees

Complete Concept

When you become a part of out Pub network, you will receive a complete Pub concept, based on authentic pub elements, innovative and new strategies and conceptual basics.

Supply Chain

We will pre-negotiate and enter into attractive and profitable supplier agreements. With all the needed suppliers and you as a franchisee will benefit from our network buying power.

Franchise Training

We will provide a full, complete and extensive training package to all our franchisees, enabling you to hit the ground running when you open the doors to your new Dodgy Dan's pub.

Interior and Decor

We will provide you with a complete pub; interior, decor, furniture and equipment. All will be delivered to you and your crew for professional fittings.

Key Numbers to franchisees

Total investment

The total investment will vary from pub location selected. As a rule of thumb however we expect it to be between 150-250 000 Euros.


In most cases, dependent on your economy and credit history we can through our financial partners finance between 65-80 %.

Estimated Income

As a Dodgy Dan's partner you will normally retain a owner income of approx 120 - 250 000 Euros per annum.


We believe a suited Pub partner has approx 70 - 100 000 Euros in free investment capital, to ensure success.

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